H2O ACCADUEO 2018 International Water Exhibition

ACCADUEO offers a platform to all players who enhance the value of water in its various fields of application: civil, industrial and agricultural. With its focus on public interest, the show aims to build an advanced industrial supply chain capable of giving impetus to the sector.

ACCADUEO highlights outstanding international models and above all Italian talent, expertise and creative solutions with the aim of developing business opportunities at home and abroad and keeping up with today’s innovations and tomorrow’s technologies.
The meeting and discussion event for the entire water services sector, as well as an update on technologies, treatment systems, equipment, and services dedicated to the management of supply, process, and waste water for civil use.

H2O Urban remains the point of reference for the integrated water cycle, from regulation to treatment systems and water management, analysis of the results obtained by the Authority in these years of regulation, and future commitments.

“We add value to water” is the central message, because of the rising importance of water, its market, investments, players, and supply and demand, with a focus on civil public interest but also on the industrial supply chains with their growing innovations.

Key elements of presentation and venues for discussion will be the thematic focuses on
Network maintenance and upgrading

More information, please visit the official website http://www.accadueo.com/en/home/1606.html

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