RemTech Europe – European Conference on remediation markets and technologies, Italy

RemTech Expo is the only permanent international event dedicated to reclamation of contaminated sites, environmental and natural hazards, safety, maintenance and upgrading of the territory, climate changes and circular chemistry.

It is promoted by European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) and RemTech Expo. The AIM of the Conference is to share information on knowledge, innovation and case histories, to encourage the development of remediation processes and the application of new and sustainable technologies, and to support the encounter between supplies and demands of available services and technologies, public and private.


1. Soil remediation; 2. Groundwater remediation; 3. Innovative methods and technologies in planning, monitoring, assessment and characterization of field works; 4. Regulatory framework general guidelines, approaches on diffuse pollution, approaches on emerging pollutants; 5. Best practices for Risk Management including sustainable remediation, brownfield, economic and social aspects; 6. National and European RTD-projects on contaminated sites; 7. Live demonstrations.

More information, please visit the official website

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