E-World2018 Energy and Water

The focus of E-world energy & water is innovative solutions for the energy supply of the future – from generation, through distribution and storage to retail, efficiency and green technologies.In the area of storage, decentralised facilities and energy services, the trade fair is growing constantly.Numerous exhibitors present themselves at Germany’s largest Smart Energy trade fair with its focus on renewable energy and intelligent technologies.

Experience today the energy world of tomorrow
Newly founded companies set new impulses with innovative business models in many areas of the energy industry. In order to further promote this potential, E-world 2017 opened up a new topic area called Innovation. Founders and young companies had the opportunity to establish valuable contacts and meet with investors and industry representatives.
The topic area Innovation combines the joint booth for young and innovative companies, the joint booth “E-world meets Start-ups” as well as the exhibitors of the area for science and research. The programme is complemented by an open expert forum. Industry experts will discuss new business models, concepts and ideas. The career forum traditionally takes place on the third day of the trade fair – 2018 in the topic area Innovation.

Renewable, Efficient and Intelligent
One of the hottest topics at E-world for years has been Smart Energy. Germany’s largest area devoted to this topic unsurprisingly continues to grow. Over the past three years, the number of companies in this area has more than doubled: in 2017, over 150 companies exhibited their services, products and technologies. Important topics covered have been the effective networking control of electricity generators, storage systems and consumers, as well as cyber security and energy efficiency.
In addition to exhibiting companies from the energy sector, industry and the IT sector, political associations and players also presented themselves at the most successful joint booth concept of E-world.

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