HAWTEC 2018 “Hazardous Waste Control Technology Exhibiton”

While regulations on hazardous waste are being tightened in this way, more appropriate and safe processing and new business methods are being developed. So the relevant markets are expandingand are expected to develop not only in Japan but also in emerging or developing countries.

So, the Environmental News will hold “HAWTEC 2018 (Hazardous Waste Disposal Technology Exhibition)” by assembling measures and researches related to hazardous waste countermeasures, corporate efforts, technologies, products, and services in a single facility this year, too.

We do wish you to understand the objectives and participate in this exhibition.
– About 100 booths
– Expected Audience 10,000

For more information, please visit the official website http://www.hawtec.jp/e/index.html#top

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