Malaysia’s total energy consumption continues to grow. Per Capita consumption has increased from 1,100 KWH in 2010 to 4,460 KWH in 2014 in line with the country’s acceleration towards middle income status by 2020. The country has also seen total energy consumption grow regularly and consistently over the same period with an average of 5.1% per annum. Actual energy demand is forecast to rise from 16.9GW in 2015 to 20.3 GW in 2020. This upward trend has not been complemented by an increase in supply and so Malaysia’s reserve margin is as low as 30% as of June 2015. The Malaysian Government recognise this and plans set in motion will see an extra 10GW capacity by 2020 by building 13 new power plants and expanding 3 existing ones. This growth however has also to factor in the increasing push towards renewables as the Malaysian government has already pledged to reduce a 40% reduction in carbon emissions intensity by 2020(compared to 2005 levels). Currently large scale solar power facilities have been erected across the country including the 5MW Melaka World Solar Valley Farm, and a 10,25MW and an 8MW farms in Negeri Sembilan.

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