Asia-Pacific Biomass Energy Technology & Equipment Exhibition (APBE) 2018

Asia-Pacific Biomass Energy Technology & Equipment Exhibition (APBE), formerly the China Guangzhou Int’l Biomass Energy Exhibition (CNIBEE), is generally known as one of the three world class events of biomass energy along with EUBCE and Expo Biomasa.Since its establishment, APBE has attracted Kingwood, Huantai Biological Energy and Hengmei Better as its gold sponsor, silver sponsor and special sponsor respectively and over 500 renowned brands globally, providing services to nearly 100 thousands of professional visitors at home and abroad. With its rapid development and globalization strategy, the strong impact of APBE in biomass energy industry will be more and more obvious.

Exhibition Scope

◆Biomass fuel molding equipment: briquetting machine, granulator, Biomass crushers, transfer machines,
harvesters and feed processing machines: crusher, chipping machine, barking machine,bander, baler, feeding system, etc;
◆Biomass boilers, combustors, stoves, boiler improvement and heating service companies;
◆Biomass gasification technologies and equipment;
◆Biogas technologies & engineering equipment: biogas project, biogas digester, fermenting enzyme, biogas desulfurization equipment, etc;
◆Comprehensive utilization of crop straw: straw power generation, straw briquettes fuel, straw fertilizer, strawturnover, straw-based board, etc;
◆Biomass & garbage power technologies and equipment, integrated garbage treatment, recycling of
industrial waste gas and heat;
◆Advanced biology liquid fuel and refining technologies: biodiesel, fuel ethanol, enzymes, biodiesel production equipment, etc;
◆Related technologies and equipment of biomass combined heat and power generation;
◆Detection, evaluation and certification institutions, marine biomass energy, etc.

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