the Green Expo 2021


THE GREEN EXPO® 2021 brings together a variety of organizations from the industrial, business and government sectors, that require technological solutions to make their processes more efficient and their products and services more profitable. Such organizations are interested in avoiding a negative impact on the environmental and celebrate a common objective of generating jobs and growth for all industries interested in solutions within a circular economy.

We invite you to take the opportunity to join us as an exhibitor and to present your company’s newest technology, products and solutions so you can share with more industries so they become more sustainable. The investments that are to be made during the next 10 to 20 years will have a profound effect on climate in our world

Industry sector
Energy (conventional and renewable) (industry 23), Environment and Climate Protection (industry 86), City Sanitation, Water Technology, Waste Disposal, Public Services (industry 45)

Main product group
Energy Distribution, Energy Transformation, Energy Engineering, Raw Materials, Power Heat Technology, renewable energies, Gas Network Technology, Alternative Energy, Solar Power Equipment, Wind energy, Energy Conservation, Environment Protection, Air Purification, Sewage Water Technology, Canal Construction, Waste Management, Waste Utilization, Waste Disposal, Waste Incineration Plants, Recycling, Measuring Systems, Analysis Technology, Water Treatment, Regulating and Control Technology, Municipal Cleaning, Consulting, Financing, Professional Literature, Regenerative energy, Urban Design, City Planning

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